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Our Next President

I wondered aloud today who might win the election tonight and Jacob said….“ahh, I hope it’s not me!” I said “do you think it could be you?” and he said “well, it’ll probably be someone from Pre-k.”

It was an honor and a privilege today to take Jacob and the girls to the voting booth to cast a vote and teach them more about our democratic process. (So you know, it went much better than 4 years ago when Jacob accidentally hit a button that put my ballot in Vietnamese…but that’s a different story).

I also thought it quite ironic/timely that today I got an email from Dr. David Jeremiahs ministry offering the 2009 Perfect Peace calendar. It is probably no coincidence that they sent it out today of all days and the message is not lost… that no matter who wins, there is perfect peace in Christ Jesus. They quoted Philippians 4:7 which says that God’s word provides “the peace of God which surpasses all understanding.”

Then tonight my mom forwarded me this message and prayer she received from a friend:

While we were praying with a small group on Sunday night for the elections, I was overcome with the fact that all I have had is very negative feelings about the outcome…..probably due to some very troublesome feelings ticking in the back of my head about BOTH candidates…….and all of a sudden, it was like God said, “Why don’t you realize that I can descend upon whoever is elected in a mighty way (regardless of what they believe now, or propose to do).? I can create a huge impact in their lives, and in the lives of those around them, that will affect the whole country in a very positive and re-generative way, that will heal the land. Pray for that! That’s what I will to happen!”

Of course, that’s what I did- immediately, and continue to do. I have no idea what God has in mind, but He does, and that’s what is important! It was the first time I’ve felt in any way good about Tuesday and what the outcome might be. I don’t think the Father ever mis-leads us!

And I close with the words of my sweet Brittany…..“Dear Lord, please be with the new President and help him make good choices.”

Amen and may God Bless the United States of America.