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That good 'ole Baylor Line...

One of my favorite moments at the game yesterday came after almost all the Baylor players had walked off the field. I say “almost” because there was one, #21, sophomore Jordan Lake, who remained. The Bears had lost the game 45-21. They had, at one point, been tied 14-14 with just minutes before the half and they played a good game, they were just playing against a great team.

I’m sure the thing a player most wants to do after a loss is get off the field. But not Jordan. He went to the middle of the field and when the band struck up “That Good Old Baylor Line” (which is sung at the end of every football game), he held his bear paw up proudly and began to sing. An assistant coach came and stood beside him and two other players (52 and 10) were in the background. What I saw Jordan display was pride, honor, class and leadership….and he is only a sophomore.

Jordan made me proud to be a Baylor Bear. His team may not have won the game, but they are all winners to have someone like him on the field. It was a massive stadium filled with UT fans, and I think they noticed Jordan. I think they noticed the pride and character he displayed and I think they saw in him that football is more than just how you play the game.

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Lisa Hill - Nov 2, 2008

Did you know that Jordan Lake went to Tallowood when he lived in Houston? Duane told us that just last week in relating a football story to Eric (most of which was beyond me, but the name stuck out because I recognized him as a key player). So prayerfully, our kiddos growing up at Tallowood are also developing the character that Jordan displayed on the field last weekend.