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A few things I thought were funny....

  • That when Caroline and I went to the nursing home on Saturday to play Bingo they assigned us to the “memory loss” room. What was even funnier…. when the nurses couldn’t remember where they put the Bingo game. It took everything I had not to say…“do you think it’s contagious?”

  • That Caroline recorded Bill’s voice saying “Hey kid, it’s me” as my ringtone when Bill calls. I forgot she did that. When Bill called and my phone started saying “Hey kid, it’s me”, I talked back to it. SEVERAL times. Each time my phone said “Hey kid, it’s me”, I said “HEY!” and then “Somehow you got on speaker phone” and then “CAN’T YOU HEAR ME?” all before I realized I wasn’t talking to him. What was even funnier was when I got to a spa soon after for a massage. I locked my purse in the locker. As I was walking out in my robe towards the massage I hear Bill’s voice….“Hey kid It’s ME!” All the women in the locker room hear a mans voice…coming from my locker. They were all looking shocked. I kept trying to explain but it was all wrong. Saying things like “I’m so sorry…it’s my husband.” “Bill, be quiet”, etc. as I frantically tried to get back into my locker. The other spa ladies were looking at me like I had shrunk down my husband and locked him in my locker…either that or like I had 2 heads. It was hilarious. Took me a while to relax before my massage!

  • That today when I told Brittany it was minus 35 degrees “wind chill” in Minnesota she said “It’s minus 35 degrees on the wind SHIELD!?!?”

  • That last Spring when I went to Jacob’s Awards Assembly at his preschool I was so excited to see what he had excelled out. They went through all the kids in his class. It went just like this…“Harris….cutest smile”, “Charlie…..future President”, “Addison….best reader”… and then with all my expectation building….what would they say?!?…how had Jacob distinguished himself?!?…..My pride and joy, my first born son. They called his name.“Jacob Baerg…. class clown.”