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Today my oldest daughter dead panned to me that “I’m the weirdest person she knows.” Now I know most middle schoolers may think their parents are at least a little bit weird so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. But her “announcement” followed my trying to convince her to carry a Christmas lunch sack (green with red mittens all over it) as opposed to the normal brown lunch bags she usually takes.

Since I was completely out of the brown sacks, I gave her 2 choices….a leftover Wendy’s sack or the Christmas cutesie one. Her reaction made me laugh, REALLY laugh, which brought on the “weirdest person” comment.

Then after school we ran by Williams Sonoma. They had their peppermint bark samples out and I “sampled.” When I walked by a second time and the tray was being refilled, I decided to wait. Figured I’d assume the look of a first time sampler.

But no, Caroline threw me under the sampling bus. She said in a “put the gun down” tone of voice…“Mom, walk away.” “Mom, you’ve already had one.” I was totally busted. As we walked out the door she came clean that she had SEVEN samples. And she was worried about MY second trip through the sample line?!? They had to refill because of her!!!

We had a good laugh about that too. We commented about being “stuffed” after all the samples we ate! And we even made some other people smile with our hearty laughter.

Hanging out with a middle schooler is not always fun. But today it was. And I’m going to take my “weirdest person” award as quite an achievement. We had fun, we laughed…and I really think she meant weird in the nicest sense of the word.

What do you think?

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Deanne - Dec 2, 2008

I’m sure she meant it with nothing but love in her heart.

Beth - Dec 3, 2008

HA! I have a middle schooler - can’t confirm she didn’t mean it in every sense of the words, but you are right - middle schoolers are FUN!!! I love you my parent-of-a-middle-schooler co-hort!

kathrynsmoore - Dec 1, 2008

I am so scared.

leeanna.lackey - Jan 2, 2009

I am laughing about the choices of a Wendy’s bag to take to school! I also learned from one of your blogs that your family likes Charlie Brown. I am still a little kid who likes Snoopy. I need to try some of that Charlie Brown pie! I am so sorry about your face plant. I am glad you don’t have any permanent damage. It did look like it really hurt!