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Pink Label Christmas

I know it is hard for my kids to believe, but when I grew up we listened to records, not CD’s or IPOD’s. We also didn’t have Christmas albums from tons of different entertainers and I only remember the radio stations playing 24 hours of Christmas music on Christmas Day, not from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

Maybe we had more, but I only remember one Christmas record. It had a hot pink label on it and I looked forward to hearing it every year. I listened to it over and over and can quote many of the things on it by memory.

I read recently where you can convert old records to CD’s so that’s going to be on my to do list one day….converting that record to a CD. But in the meantime, someone recorded my most favorite part of the album, added some pictures and put it on youtube. (love technology!)

When I found it, it was like a blast from the past. I remember listening to this one story over and over and feeling sad for Santa who never gets invited to Christmas and sad for the Christmas tree, but yet happy that the Christmas Tree found “Me Purpose.”

We all have a purpose, we just have to find it.

Take a look at this video….maybe this is will bring back some holiday memories for you as well. And good luck on finding your own “me purpose”.

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Deanne - Dec 4, 2008

I think my favorite Christmas album (yes, album) is at my mom’s. I, too, could sing every word of every song and can still remember a few. I’m going to look for it when I’m home this time. Thanks for the memories.

Deah - Dec 6, 2008

I can’t believe you found that. That’s amazing. I can almost hear it crackling.

kathrynsmoore - Dec 2, 2008

Hey woman!! I found you on FB today, and saw that you have a blog. I’m so excited…I LOVE blogging (writing AND reading) but I don’t have many “live” friends who get it. :-)You might look for that album on itunes - alot of the old stuff is there.Merry Christmas!!