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Violin Lessons

I’ve decided that Thursdays from 6:15-6:45 are one of my most favorite times of the week. During those 30 minutes, I take Savannah to her violin lesson and I just sit. I sit and listen to her play with her teacher who sometimes accompanies her on the piano and sometimes with his own violin. She sounds pretty good on her own, but pair her sound up with another instrument and it’s beautiful.

But the best part is, I just sit. I sit and enjoy watching her play. I sit and enjoy the pride on her face when she excels or the frustration when she doesn’t get it just right. And I sit. I listen to the music and nothing else. My cell phone is off, my other children are at home and truly during those 30 minutes, no one can reach me.

Earlier this week I spoke to a womens group about taking the time to treasure Christmas. And as I sat there tonight, I tried to take some of my own advice. To treasure not just Christmas time, but to treasure this time. Time to sit. Time to relax. Time to focus on just one child. Time to sit for 30 minutes and listen only to the lovely sound from a beautiful instrument.

We can’t stop time, but we can treasure it.

And I’m planning on trying to do more of just that!