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A few more things I thought were funny....

That when Paul Roback (who convinced me to go on that “unfortunate” sledding adventure) sent me an article from the Minnesota newspaper about a mom who “went on the ride of her life” on a sled I thought it was was me. I thought they had sent in my story. Until I got to the line where the mom is in a full body cast. Ouch!

That when I took my kids to the Living Nativity at church they rode a donkey. They had fun and then went to the camel ride. As they were putting their leg over the camel the lights in the parking lot went out and the camel got spooked. Who knew camels got spooked?!? Camel had to go home. What, it doesn’t get dark in Egypt?!? I mean I know that star they were following at the nativity was bright but come on…it had to have been dark!

That when I was Christmas shopping in Target one day I turned on an aisle that sold talking stuffed parrots. It said “hello”. I pulled out my best parrot imitation and said “hel-looo” back. Then the parrot asked me a question and I started to answer. And then I got so unbelievably hysterical that I was having a conversation with a parrot in the Target aisle I couldn’t compose myself. I would try and then I’d bust out again. Then I started imagining the people watching the video cameras from somewhere in the store and was sure they thought they had a “crazy” on aisle 10. I finally collected myself and started down the aisle. Then another unsuspecting shopper turned onto the aisle and I busted out laughing again. She looked at me like maybe I shouldn’t be at Target and I said…“I’m so sorry….it’s just that there is a parrot down there that talks.” She gave me one of those “uh huh right” looks and kept going. But I knew. So I turned around and waited. And sure enough….the parrot said “hello” and she said “hel-looo” and I’m pretty sure I heard her laughing when she went to the next aisle!

That I’m thinking it would be funny (if it weren’t so tacky) to put that a fore mentioned parrot by my front door so when people like the postman walk up it would say “hello.” I’m telling you….you cannot have a bad day when that parrot is around. Maybe they are on sale at Target now. I’m thinking I have to have one.

That when I went to volunteer in Jacob’s class at school today he said…“Mom! Don’t come…you’ll embarrass me in front of my friends.” (and I didn’t even tell him that parrot story!)

That my son (and I am not making this up) wore two different tennis shoes to school for over 3 months before any of us realized it. They were very similar (I mean they both had the colors red, black and white on them) but still, you’d think we’d have caught that. I actually think I bought the floor sample of one style and then picked up a box with only one shoe in it of another style and took off. I’m just wondering if there is another kid somewhere who is wondering why he too has two different shoes!

That I busted out laughing today while shopping for some greeting cards at Wal-Mart. (Some of those cards are REALLY funny). I’m going to have to start taking people shopping with me. It’s really embarrassing having all those people look at me when I’m laughing alone like that.

That when I asked Savannah this morning what she wanted for breakfast…“pop-tart, Waffles or a bowl of cereal”….she pulled out her best Arkansas twang and said….“got anything good?” (Now I know Pop-tarts and Eggos aren’t the breakfast of champions, but come on….cut me some slack!)

That it’s only noon and I’ve already had this much fun!