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Darla Stories

A Few More Things I Thought Were Funny….

So, here’s what happened. The vote was just about even. And after my friend Beth pointed out that she thinks she may have coined the phrase “Darla Stories”, I had to go with that. But, being the people pleaser that I am :), I’ve decided to use both. So that way everyone feels like their choice won.

So, each week, there will be another edition of Darla Stories…A Few More Things I Thought Were Funny.

This week’s include:

  1. When Jacob’s pre-school teacher sent home a list of school supplies he needed, I mistakenly sent toilet paper instead of paper towels. To this day I don’t know how I mixed that up. I just remember the note saying…“Mrs. Baerg, Thank you so much for your contribution of toilet paper. The school however actually covers toilet paper, but we would appreciate it if you could send paper towels.” I was seriously embarrassed to go through carpool line for like 3 weeks….“hey, here comes the lady that sent TP!!”

  2. I had forgotten all about the above story until this week when I ran by the school to return 3 VERY overdue (like he left the school last May) books. Apparently the toilet paper story is now kind of legend around there.

  3. For Brittanys birthday party last week I was busy the entire day getting things ready. We were ordering Chick-Fil-A nuggets but I wanted to have some fruit to go with it. In my rush, I never made it to the grocery store. I told my sister it didn’t matter because I’d make Jello Jigglers. And right there on the Jello box it says….“cherry”. Cherry is a fruit, right?

  4. A few years ago several friends and I were going to another friends lake house. My friend Cindy offered to drive. She picked me up first so I was in one of the captains chairs in the front. It was late August so I was wearing shorts. We headed out of Houston towards Austin and I kept asking people if they were hot. Everyone was fine. First I just thought the car was hot. It was Texas and it was summer. I later began to think maybe I was in menopause or something - I was miserable. I was seriously BURNING up. Finally about an hour into our trip, I couldn’t take it another second. I asked if Cindy could please pull into a Sonic. It was Happy Hour (everyday at Sonic 2-4!) and a round of Diet Cokes would be on me if we could just stop. When we stopped I said, “I’ve got to get out of this car. I’m having a heat stroke.” And upon getting out, I noticed that the backs of my legs were beet red. “LOOK!!! My legs are burning in the car!” And it was then that Cindy said…..“Oh no! Your seat warmer is on.”

    Those are not however seat warmers. They are leg and seat burners and I am going to be driving myself in the future.

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kathrynsmoore - Jan 4, 2009

What can’t really be translated is the reaction that Cindy must’ve had…I can just hear her shriek!!!

Beth - Feb 1, 2009

LOVE the stories!!! And am so happy you chose “Darla Stories” (even if you did choose the other title too). :) You always make me laugh! I have to return to my ever-favorite philosophy: “EVERYBODY needs a Darla friend!” So glad I have one! Love you!!!