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Flying WHAT?!?!

Brittany had allergy testing last week. 40 shots….I felt horrible for her. The tests came back that she was “moderately” allergic to many things. One grossed me out so badly I could hardly stand it.

Flying roach pieces.

I thought I misunderstood.

Flying what?!?

Roach pieces.

Are you kidding me?!?! That is one of THE sickest things I have ever heard.

So I asked…and how do they get into these “pieces”?

The nurse explained that roaches are often found in the walls of houses, schools, etc. They die and decompose and then the “pieces” become airborne through the ventilation system.

So much for the roach running across the floor being gross! Now their decomposing pieces are FLYING.

And to think that all these years I thought dust mites were a problem!

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Deanne - Jan 5, 2009

This brings back a memory. I am terribly allergic to a gazillon things. I can remember laying on the doctor’s table and having the scratch test done on my back. Of course, I felt nothing when the doctor was making the little marks in my skin with the scalpel but I looked over at my mom and my little sister (who NEVER acted like she liked me), probably 6 or 7, had these HUGE tears rolling down her face. She thought the doctor was cutting me up and it was hurting. I still see that precious face, big blue eyes and ponytails, with such love and concern in them. Then she got over it.

kathrynsmoore - Jan 5, 2009

When we moved to SA, the exterminator came by the house to start our service and I asked him about roaches. He was like “Where are you from??? We don’t have roaches here.“One more thing to love about San Antonio.PS I want your honest opinion on the response to the flamer that I posted today.

gina - Jan 6, 2009

Oh lovely, thank you SO MUCH for grossing US out too!! And you want me to be excited about moving back to “flying roach pieces?” Just lovely. I’m considering staying here!!! Honestly, in my thoughts of moving home, I have worried about returning to roaches. They creep me out. And now, this story is just too disgusting for me.