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Lost and Found





Lost….and still lost.

You might remember an earlier post about my not being able to find Jacob’s Nintendo DS Christmas present. Then we found it….I called it my Christmas Miracle.

So now, in the words of Paul Harvey, here is “the rest of the story….”

We take the DS unwrapped to Arkansas. About 4:30 PM on Christmas Eve I decide to wrap it. After wrapping the black DS, I ask Bill….“where is Savannah’s pink DS…I need to wrap it.”

The second I said it, I knew. I could see it all over his face. The pink DS…Savannahs gift from Santa….was in his closet… Houston. We immediately start calling stores all over central Arkansas…at one point I was on my cell and the home phone and Bill was on his cell. We had a phone bank going in search of a pink DS! And as you know….stores in America close at 6:00 PM on Christmas Eve. The clock was ticking.

But, once again…another miracle of sorts…we found a brand new Walmart that had one pink DS left. We said…“hold it at the counter…we are on our way!” And before long there were two wrapped DS’s in Santas sack…one pink and one black.

And the next day….priceless. Jacob and Savannah so very, very excited.

After all the excitement, we packed up and got on a plane to Minneapolis.

At some point during the flight Jacob fell asleep holding his DS.

And that’s the last we’ve seen of it.


We’ve called the airport, the airline, the baggage claim, the baggage check. We’ve done all we know to do. The DS is gone.

Just so you know (mom!) I wasn’t the one sitting next to Jacob on the plane. It was Bill and so just by the sheer law of proximity, I don’t feel responsible. And I’ve told Bill not to feel badly either. Every day lots of worse things happen to people than a lost DS.

But still….can you believe?!?

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Deanne - Jan 0, 2009

You are kidding me!! At least you have the face recorded for all posterity. It shouldn’t be too hard to replace now - after Christmas.

kathrynsmoore - Jan 2, 2009

Oh no. That’s terrible. But I love your disclaimer at the end. Lane left our camera on a plane once, and I was just SO grateful it was him and not me, because I’m a whole lot more forgiving than he is. :-)

DJ - Jan 5, 2009

yeah talk about it we lost my youngest sons suitcase full of nearly new clothes(of course going to grandmas for christmas) at least we had it for the holidays and lost it on the way home how can you do it on a direct flight????oh well thank goodness Mexx was having an awesome sale was fun to buy more…now we’ll c if we get reimbursed.