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15 months and counting...

In November of 2007 Bill called and said….“what do you have going on January 9th?” I flipped ahead in the calendar and said, “well, that’s a Wednesday night so we’ll have church choir, etc.” He said, “that’s weird because I want to buy you tickets to see Celine Dion in concert but it says Friday, January 9th. Took us awhile before we figured out it was January 2009 they were talking about.

The tickets sold out very quickly and for 15 months every now and then we’d say in disbelief….“we have plans in 2009!”

How could we plan something that far in advance?!?! I mean Bill and I are not planners (he is more of a planner than me, but both of us score low on the advance planning category of life). I rarely know what we are having for dinner, I almost never know what exactly I’m doing tomorrow and most assuredly have no idea what I might be doing next year.

Case in point…last year the Friday that Spring Break began I mentioned to Bill….“maybe we should go somewhere fun. Kids are out of school for a week and all.” He said…“where to?” “I don’t know…my friend Robin mentioned Seagrove Beach, Florida was fun.”

We looked online at a few beach rentals and sent out some inquiry emails. The next day a few people responded, Sunday we emailed our credit information and Monday night - less than 24 hours later - we were dipping our toes in the ocean. And we had the time of our lives. But it was all VERY last minute.

But back to the concert….I love Celine’s music (Titanic theme, anyone?!?). I haven’t been to too many concerts (Lionel Richie in the 11th grade, Elton John/Billy Joel together, Amy Grant, Josh Groban, couple of shows at the Houston Rodeo - Hannah Montanna and Hilary Duff come to mind…but that’s about it). But this concert I’m really excited about. The kids didn’t talk us into the tickets, we aren’t going with friends….just me and Bill and lots of songs I love.

I saw this quote in the Dallas Morning News earlier this week:

Here’s what you may not know about Celine Dion. The woman’s goofy, which makes her more human.

She and I may have that in common!

I will say though that what I think is more impressive than the fact that Bill and I have had something on the calendar for 15 months is that we have held onto the tickets for that long.

Or at least I hope we know where they are!

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Deanne - Jan 6, 2009

At last I see a difference. Billy and I are two of the most planned individuals in the world! That is not to say we are not spontaneous - a trip several years ago to Key West in the middle of busy season comes to mind - but, for the most part, we are very big planners.Hope you enjoyed the show!