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2 for Today

Too bad it’s not Tuesday and I could call this a “Two for Tuesday” post, but seeing how it is Wednesday ….

I normally wouldn’t post twice in one day, but I’ve been meaning to post this since February 1 and don’t want more time to go by.

I wanted you to know about this publication called Serious.Life Magazine. They recently published the February issue and I am in their Featured Blog Directory (p.111).

The magazine includes a lot of great content from other bloggers you’ll like, as well as great articles on family life, spiritual issues, adoption, humor, photos and really just all kinds of things! In addition, the magazine gives away a bunch of ads to charities and ministries. Best of all, this is a God-centered publication.

The magazine is owned and published by a family who have seven kids, three adopted and one who has Leukemia ( Their daughter, Abby, who has ALL is on her way to the hospital as I write this and is not doing well. Even if you don’t check out their magazine, do say a prayer for this sweet little girl.

Again, the subscription is free so take a minute to check it out and sign up to get future issues.

To be honest, I was a little skeptical of reading a magazine online, but it really is fun. You can quickly click through the pages and I found lots of blogs I wanted to check out.

Yes, blogging can be addicting that way.

Y’all have a great day!


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Beth - Feb 1, 2009

DARLA - - -There you go again!!! You are SOOOO important - your blog mentioned in a magazine?!?!? I better go back and read your blog about my little, take-care-of-husband-and-3-kids world is just as important as all of my important friends. I am still living vicariously through you. Sheesh!