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Big and Bad

Most everyone has heard of the tragedy that happened in Christian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman’s family last Spring. One afternoon, one of his sons accidentally ran over and killed their adopted daughter, Maria. It was heartbreaking not only to read but to hear.

After some time, the Chapman family granted some interviews with the media. They described the situation and how it took place. Maria was life-flighted to Vanderbilt Hospital. Steven Curtis Chapman was backing down the driveway to go to meet his wife and Maria there. When he did, he rolled down the window and yelled at his son who had been driving the car…..his son who was clearly in emotional agony…..“It doesn’t matter what happens….you are still my son and I still love you.”

So many things about that make me want to bawl cry….but two things in particular. One, that in that very moment…one of absolute uncertainty, anxiety, helplessness, etc. he had the presence of mind to make such a wonderful statement to his son. But even more than that, it just seems that his words so clearly echo Christ’s words to us. The words ….“No matter what, you are still my child and I still love you.”

The parallel between what Steven Curtis Chapman said to his son and what Christ is always saying to us is this ….“it’s ok. It’s not too big that I can’t forgive it. It’s not so bad we can’t get through it….and I still love you.”

I know a lot of people who spend years trying to understand God’s grace and forgiveness. Thinking….“oh, this is too bad” or “you don’t know what I’ve done”.

But, just like Steven Curtis Chapman, he is saying..

“You are my child and I still love you.”