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A few more things I thought were funny…..

A week or so ago I decided I would try a step aerobics class at our health club. Apparently the instructor has watched a few too many Dancing with the Stars episodes because that is NOT the step aerobics I remember - you know the kind - up and down stepping on and off - none of this “around the world, add in a grapevine, over the front, twist and do it again! stuff….(I will grant you that it has been a LONG time since I’ve done it, but still…). Twice, TWICE the guy dragged his step in front of ME while he was teaching. (Then you can just FEEL the entire room staring at your behind, so you try harder, which is bad because you already didn’t get it … and now the added pressure of stares!) The worst part was when he walked off he looked back at me and said…“got it now?” In front of EVERYONE….and he was wearing a MICROPHONE! I’m buying videos from now on.

I guess I was all pleased with myself for having worked out and so decided to ask for “dessert” at a Pad Thai restaurant. Apparently, based on the look our waitress gave me, they don’t serve FORTUNE cookies in Thailand! Are China and Thailand even close to each other?!? (I’m no geography genius….I was an adult before I knew that Alaska was connected to North America. You know it’s down there on the left hand corner on the map….and either I missed it or no one mentioned that in the PACIFIC ocean there is not an amazingly cold state….but I digress). I think China and Thailand might be close but I guarantee I will NOT make that mistake again. Chinese restaurant….fortune cookies. Thai food….just pick up a mint on the way out.

One day last week I gave Savannah a ham sandwich in her lunch. She let me know that she did NOT think it was ham. I assured her that it was, but as I’ve shared before, if she doesn’t believe you, you are fighting a losing battle. I decided to prove it to her by taking her into the kitchen and pulling the Oscar Mayer package out of the refrigerator. I said “Savannah, it says right there…HAM.” And she read what it said just below the word ham on the packaging and said, “well, I don’t like it when it’s baked and cooked.” I told her fine….if she wants to eat a pig….have at it. ALL ham is baked and cooked (ok well maybe there is boiled but I’m not buying it!!!) AUGH!

And finally….a year or two ago I went to Costco to stock up on a few things. I saw what looked like a great deal on some green beans (and I hate to pass up a good deal!). I was looking at the packaging because it was a brand I had never heard of before. A sweet elderly gentleman noticed I was interested in the CW Green Beans and said….“those sure are good.” I said…“I was thinking of buying them….they are a great price.” Based on his recommendation, I decided to give them a try. And as I was walking off… beans in cart…..he said……“yes, my dog just loves ’em.” I kid you not.

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Deanne - Feb 5, 2009

OK - I’m going to skip over the whole dessert thing, but expect to see a new post on Losing It! soon. BUT - seizure dog outeats me in the green bean department. He eats a can or a can and half a day. One of the few things that makes him feel full without the calories to go with. I was shocked when the doctor mentioned it. Of course, I think my initial reaction was that I had to actually SHARE my green beans. I was not pleased. Being the super shopper that he is, Billy gets Riley the no name brand while I get the good stuff. Sharing isn’t so bad after all…

KatieC - Feb 1, 2009

ok, darla…all i had to read was “A week or so ago I decided I would try a step aerobics class at our health club” and I was laughing! I just wish I was there to go with you - we could laugh together. And, the way you and I laugh together, we’d probably burn more calories than they do anyway!

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