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Loving you anyway....

A couple of years ago I was waiting in the carpool line to pick up Jacob from his preschool. He looked happy enough, but the moment he got in the car…..anger.

He huffed and puffed, put his seatbelt on and, with a less than pleased tone, announced….“YOU forgot to give me a juicebox today!!!”

And when you are 3 years old this kind of thing makes you really mad. I think the more he thought about watching all his friends slurp down their apple juice the madder he became.

I told him I was so sorry (I was) and asked his forgiveness.

He didn’t answer and we sat in silence for most of the trip home.

Right as we were turning onto our street he said….(this time in an oh so much sweeter voice)…

“That’s OK Mom, I sure do love you anyway.”

And seeing how this is February and with Valentines coming and all, I thought I’d share that love story with you. It’s one of my favorites.

And the next time you are, let’s say, “less than pleased” with your spouse, friend, etc…..take a cue from Jacob and say… “That’s ok, I sure do love you anyway” .

You’ll both feel a whole lot better.