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In summary...

I just love blogging. I love writing them and I love reading them. I have a few that I check daily. One of those is Beth Moore’s LPM (Living Proof Ministries) blog. I wanted to tell you that up front because I don’t want a big scandal that I stole something from someone else’s blog (especially Beth Moore’s!)…so if I just tell you up front, then it won’t be considered stealing. Merely borrowing.

Anyway…on the LPM blog Beth’s daughter wrote about how, many years ago, there had been a trend among authors to summarize their lives in 6 words. A “6 word challenge” if you will.

LPM had their readers send in their 6 word summaries of their life. There were some great ones:

Must have coffee to stay awake.

Order of grace, side of mercy.

Be a witness, not a judge.

Jesus is my one and only.

Brother’s May wedding…need affordable liposuction.

Somedays the windshield, somedays the bug.

Life is messy, pass the mop.

Jesus knows me, this I love. (words purposely transposed)

It got me thinking…what would my 6 words say?

My first thought was: Don’t have to, I get to! (because that’s just my personal motto and all)

Bill thinks mine should be: You can’t make this stuff up. (because he’s lived with me long enough to know that is true!)

One of my friends suggested: One Lucille Ball episode after another. (very funny!)

I also like: I love to tell the story (God’s story in my life) or maybe Telling His Story with My Life.

Put on your thinking caps! I’d love to hear what six words you come up with to describe your life.