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Spring Break and the Living is Easy

Or something like that. Keeping 4 kids with 4 very different interests and ages entertained has its challenges. Our first event was to go tackle a rock climbing wall. Well, the kids tackled it…Bill and I just watched.

It was a lot of fun and, at times, very funny. At one point, Savannah got off the wall and announced to the people watching…“the harness gave me a wedgie!” Thanks for sharing honey…thanks for sharing.

Jacob yelled “get me down” like a crazy person the entire 2 minutes he first tried to scale the wall. We got him down and he announced….“that was AWESOME!” So we tried again and he did enjoy it.

We’ve played board games. Made a quick trip to the mall. Watched some TV, made some Winnie the Pooh pancakes in honor of the rescheduled Disney trip…isn’t he cute?…..

ate at a few new places…and, in an attempt to experience new things, we witnessed the CRAZIEST hail storm ever. In about 2 minutes, our yard was a solid layer of white ice balls. My dad called it a “Texas sized” hail storm. Not sure what it was, but it was weird.

Sounded like the sky was falling. And when I yelled “Kids, get on the couch, get on the couch!!!!” because I coudn’t, in that moment of crisis, remember where exactly you were supposed to go when the sky was falling, I think I kind of freaked them out. But I got some cool video and pictures of that strange meteorological event.

*Bloggers note: This hail storm and 2 days of rainy weather actually had one very good outcome. You see, for TWO days the tooth fairy forgot to visit Brittany. I said she was probably on spring break too, but I later learned Bill told her “bad weather.” Feel free to use this line should you ever run into tooth fairy problems yourself.

And now, in an attempt to take the fun up a few more notches, today we begin our tour across the South. We’re heading to Savannah, GA (Bill keeps saying…“Do you know how excited I am to take our Savannah to Savannah?” I’m thinking there might be another t-shirt in her future). We’ll check in on Paula Deen and do all things Savannah…or at least swim in the hotel pool…before heading out to the Gulf Coast in search of a warm beach. Or just a beach. Kids don’t seem to notice the cold.

So, I’ll be back next week…probably with some “stories from the road”.

And I heard that sometimes robbers peruse the Internet to see if people are on vacation so they can break into their house. So, if you are a robber, you should know, we’ve left our mighty scary watchdog Looper in our house.

She’s ferocious.

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Deanne - Mar 2, 2009

Give Looper a break!

Molly - Mar 3, 2009

The tooth fairy seems to “forget” often at our house over holidays/vacations. So, I can confirm that she does, indeed, take time off.

Beth - Mar 0, 2009

OK - That’s hilarious!!!! (And I feel SO much better!) Our tooth fairy does not keep her scheduled dates OFTEN. What is with that!!!! Unfortunately, it is NEVER bad weather in CA and it has never been during Spring Break when it’s happenened. Any other suggestions?