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Whatcha doin' little birdie?

I just signed up for Twitter.

Not sure why except that someone told me that Facebook is so “yesterday”.

I don’t think Bill has gotten the “today” memo yet though because last week he forwarded me all his birthday greetings from facebook and asked me to reply and thank them.

His story is one I’ve heard before…“I clicked on someone’s invitation and before I knew it I had a page”. His was a little different though because somehow, without Bill doing anything, it joined him in the El Paso Group. Seriously freaked the man out that facebook knew where he worked. He still hasn’t gotten over it. Now he doesn’t know how to find his page and quite frankly, he doesn’t care.

He’s a little busy for facebook, in his opinion. Doesn’t know what he’s missing really, in my opinion, but he didn’t ask me.

I told him twittering was for my “free time.” Yeah right…like there is any of that. So really it’s just an experiment. See if I like it and all. A further attempt to be “current”.

But maybe it is a time waster because I just called him to tell him I lost 4 hours in my day and I’m not sure where they went.

And he told me to make that the title of my book.

But it’s a book I don’t have time to write.

Tweet Tweet.

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mikki roo - Mar 1, 2009

Hey, awesome! I just followed you =)Oh, and didn’t you know? Twitter is already yesterday! What a world we live in…

Lorie - Mar 2, 2009

I am starting to get Twitter a little more. Facebook has never really been my thing. I try. I still try from time to time. But except for Tetris and Flair I never really fell in love!

cammie.moise - Mar 2, 2009

As you know, I love both! I try to come up with something clever and sometimes can even make a post on my website about it.I find twitter good for getting questions answered or to find good material to write about. I have noticed though, as soon as I join something they say it is “so yesterday”. Oh, to be on the leading edge….