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They are only young once...

Today was just one of those days.


It reminded me of the times Bill will look at me and say, “sometimes I feel like I’m living in a movie.” Those times when you look around and just go “life is good.” Don’t get me wrong…not everyday is like that, but I think we are doing our best to try and appreciate those days that do make us smile.

I told the kids that since we were out late last night they could sleep in today and be tardy to school. I thought that was the plan until I heard Brittany and Savannah’s alarm clock chiming at 6:45 AM. I guess I didn’t realize I was raising such responsible little people.

Jacob slept right through the morning commotion. He’s not a big fan of walking into school late, and being the pushover that I am, I gave him the day off. It’s been a long time since Sesame Street or Curious George has shown on our TV. We later headed to the gym for a workout, played Legos and then…in an exciting crescendo finish to our day together, went to Build A Bear workshop.

A lot of people probably go there with their kids. It seemed like I kept saying “not today” or “it’s so expensive.” My girls had all been to birthday parties there so they had a bear, but Jacob had never gotten to fill a bear with stuffing, poke a heart inside the bear and watch as they sewed his new friend together. And watching him do all that…priceless. After dressing his bear in a karate outfit Jacob and his bear were on their way.

As we left, we rode escalators. Apparently little boys think this is great fun. Go up and then down and hey…let’s do it again. His bear even stood alone for his own ride to the second floor. I get so tired of saying “we don’t have time” or “not today” and so up and down we went. Several times.

And as we rode the escalators I thought…you know, you’re only 5 once and I’m only the mom of a 5 year old little boy once. And this is fun. This is good. This is the kind of day in the movies. The kind of movie where people are smiling and music is playing and all seems right with the world.

And no matter what kind of movie is showing in my life tomorrow, I will always enjoy the memory of the one today.