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Brittany's Flipping Out...

From the time Brittany was very young, she has been doing flips. I signed her up at her preschool for an after school gymnastics program. She spent hour after hour coming home and practicing her head stands. After her first year, her instructor suggested we find her a “more challenging” gym as he felt like she was naturally talented in the tumbling area and may need more instruction than he could give her.

So we moved her to our current gym. After a few classes there they determined that she could skip a few classes and the next thing we knew Brittany was spending a good deal of time at the gym. It’s really kind of her second home and, other than our backyard trampoline, there’s really no place I think she’d rather spend her free time.

You see, no matter where we are, she’s flipping.

At the park…

On the beach…

Even on balance beams, while doing the splits…

I just kind of thought this was particularly impressive. And I’m quite sure that, as her coaches see me trip on my way out of the gym, they wonder if she just might be adopted.

Because I can’t do the splits like this…

or like this…

and I most certainly have never had my picture taken with a bunch of medals around my neck like this:

So when Brittany recently took Second Place in the floor event at the Houston area Gymnastics meet…

Well, we were all quite proud of her.

And my heart did a little flip as she climbed the podium…

which is something my body has never been able to do!

Good job BABS!!!

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MomsMaterial - Apr 3, 2009

You are right! Every time I see her, she is doing some sort of gymnastics move. I spoke with her recently about gymnastics and told her I used to compete. I told her I would love to come watch her sometime! I am very proud of her!

Deanne - Apr 3, 2009

Hey for Brittany!!! Always good to know there are athletic, coordinated people in the family. And you can just tell by her face that she LOVES it!

Shona Cole - May 0, 2009

wonderful! I have kiddos in gym too.

Your blog is so fun to read. Mark and I have been reading together :)


Beth - May 1, 2009

How could I not know Brittany was into gymnastics!?!? HELLOOOOO! How cool is that? I’m so excited about that! Congrats from me!