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Pride cometh before a lunch...

I’ve been trying to stay on top of my game these days. You know…things like returning all the kids school library books so the school will stop sending home long lists of Baerg family overdue books, recording all the party information in my calendar so I don’t show up at someones house right on time for a party when it’s actually at Laser Quest which is another fifteen minutes away, and putting up the laundry before someone moves it from the couch to the floor where the dog then lays on it and it becomess dirty again.

Just stuff like that.

And this weekend I was particularly impressed with myself.

It lasted all of about 15 seconds.

You see, I had the whole weekend mapped out. Caroline had a party to attend Friday night. Not a problem…I had the time and location neatly written in my calendar and got her there without a hitch.

Saturday morning she was going with the church youth group to a ranch to spend the day. Again…checked the calendar. And there I had written everything she needed. “Sweet to share, Bible, Pen, and Grocery Sack”.

I had no idea what the grocery sack was for, but was oh so proud of myself that I had written it down and remembered to give it to Caroline. So proud that I even attempted to call one of my friends who was going as a chaperone to say…“Bet you were impressed that I remembered the grocery sack.” Because she knows me well enough to know that I’m usually the one who says … “anybody got an extra grocery sack?!” at events such as this.

And so off I sent Caroline and Bill to go meet the group. They even had a little extra time to stop and get her a bagel on the way. Because, as you know, good parents feed their children 3 square meals a day. Or something like that.

Bill pulled up to the church parking lot right on time. Kids were lining up getting ready to get in the cars. And Bill asked where to put her “sweet to share”. And they said…“Right over there with their lunches.”


Bill asked rather tentatively….“uhm, were they supposed to have a lunch?”

And the leader said…“Uhm, yeah”. (Probably while thinking…did you NOT read the memo?")

Now the really good thing is that we live a whopping minute or less from the church. The bad news is that the group was ready to go.

So Bill called me and said…“Did you know Caroline was supposed to have a lunch?”

And I said…“LUNCH?!?!” Lunch was not on my list! How could lunch not be on my list?!? How did I miss the whole “pack a lunch” part of the memo?!?!

I mean seriously. Sometimes I wonder about Bill and I’s capabilities to parent 4 kids. Or maybe just my capabilty.

I packed that lunch at lightening speed!! Threw it at Bill and he literally rounded the corner into the church parking lot just as the last 3 cars were pulling out. And Caroline rolled down the back window, stuck her hand out for the sack and gave Bill a look that said…“who are you and why are you calling me your child.”

And now you wanna know what I think?

Remember the grocery sack that I was so proud I remembered even though I didn’t know why she needed to bring it?

I think that might have been for her lunch.