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Love, Minnie

The first time we went to Disney World, we didn’t even own a digital camera. We took rolls and rolls of film. We also gave Caroline and Brittany each a disposable camera hoping they would capture the things they loved the most about the trip. (This seemed like such a good idea, but I think they used up 1/2 the film on the safari at Animal Kingdom, which was the very first thing we did.

Our first night there we found a cute photo album that had several different characters on the cover. We thought it would be the perfect album to store their shots. The problem was, they only had one. They checked the shelf and the back and when they couldn’t find one, they took our name and phone number where we were staying. (We were not staying at a Disney property that time which makes the story even more interesting.)

We bought the one album they had and checked throughout our trip at other gift shops hoping to find another album. When we didn’t find one, I called the original store on our last day, just to see if one had turned up. They told me “no” and we headed back to Texas with only one photo album.

About a week later … I kid you not, I received a package in the mail. Inside was the photo album we wanted with a note attached.

All it said was … Love, Minnie.

I have no idea how they found us or got our address. I guess it’s just the magic of Disney!