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We interrupt the busy month of May...

Here’s the deal. You all know I love my children. In fact, I think they are “incredible”. I love watching them participate in their various activities. And well, … they have a lot of activities. Not that I don’t enjoy seeing Jacob play in his baseball playoff game…

or Savannah in her softball playoffs…

or Brittany at her gymnastics recital…where they decided that, in addition to flipping through the air, they would add roller blades to their routine…

or field day at the elementary school…

or the craziness of adding 4 or 5 swim team practices a week into an already packed schedule….

or “end of the year” this or the “end of the year” that. It’s fun, but it is exhausting. Rush, rush, rush here and there. I’ve heard May described as the “new December” because of the crazy schedule. Maybe it is like December except, instead of gifts, the children receive trophies. Lots and lots of trophies.

I don’t have anywhere else to put the trophies!! Brittany had another year of perfect attendance in church choir. They normally get a trophy for this and she was disappointed when they only got a certificate. I’m not sure if it is due to economic hard times or what, but I secretly did a little happy dance that I didn’t have to make room for another thing! She did get this one for participating in Rummel Creek’s 4th and 5th grade choir.

All that to say, the Baerg family is calling it quits. After a 7:30 pm softball playoff game tonight…we’ll come home and prepare to leave in the morning for “the happiest place on earth.” At least that’s what it says in the commercials.

We are off to Disney World!!! We have been counting down the days, booking character meals, reading guide books (that would be Bill, not me), etc. and we can hardly contain our excitement.

We took Brittany and Caroline when they were 3 and 5 while Savannah vacationed at her Grammy and Grandy’s house. We originally thought we’d go when each of the girls finished kindergarten. But that was when we thought we’d just have girls. And I guess we thought we’d have the money. But, happily, Jacob showed up and we’ve saved up and we’re all making the trip now.

I know that you may be shaking your head that we are taking our kids out of school. I totally understand. It’s something even I can’t believe we’re doing. It’s just that when you have put it off for a long time and the kids are getting taller and older and you know that you’ve had some summer events planned for over a year that can’t be rescheduled and you have to be careful with your vacation days at work…well, you declare an interruption in the events of May and book a flight to Florida. Or at least we did. (Truthfully too, we had wanted to go at Spring Break but Bill’s work had some other plans for him for a day or two. So we postponed. ) We’re calling them “Family Development Days”.

And I’m excited because the kids are so excited. Savannah came to Bill and I one day and asked (rather dreamily) if we were going to sleep in Cinderella’s castle. We told her no, but we are going to eat dinner there one night.

After we showed the kids a video that the marketing genius’s at Disney sent us free of charge, Savannah was completely taken with a ride at Epcot called “Soarin”. It supposedly makes you look and feel like you are flying. This past weekend she asked us…how will they know to put us back down at Disney?

And so we’re off to see Mickey and Donald, Cinderella and Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Pooh and Piglet, and whoever else happens to be there. We’ll ride Soarin’, and It’s a Small World, Dumbo and the tea cups…and pretty much do all that we can. And we’re hoping a great time will be had by all.

And we’ll come back and it will still be May and we’ll go to a ballet recital and a gymnastics meet and take final exams and go to more swim team practices. May keeps going on like that you know.

There will be a few “Disney” posts over the next few days…and I’ll be back next week.

I’ll tell Mickey you said “hi”.

We’re off to see if dreams really do come true.

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Deanne - May 2, 2009

Love love love Soarin’! Love Disney! Billy’s disappointed that we’re not going this year. We just went in 2006 but he thinks we should be on an every two year rotation, max. We’re going to Italy but somehow that is not the same…..

Have a wonderful trip - safe travels and all that.

Anonymous - May 2, 2009

I need to send you your pictures from Disney riding in the tea cups and go to breakfast with the characters! The beat goes on…


Jayme - May 2, 2009

I am so excited and jealous that you and your family are going to Disney. The memories that you will make there will be priceless.
Unfortunately, you will still be rushing to and fro to try and squeeze in all the activities. Have a Safe Vacation.

Lisa Hill - May 2, 2009

You might feel silly, but I know Darla doesn’t shy away from silliness! When you get to Epcot, run…I mean literally get the troops in line and full out RUN the back of the park to Soarin. Get a fast pass and it’ll get you in line early. It’s an amazing ride and well worth feeling stupid running like that. You’ll be glad you did when everyone else is standing in line for hours.
Have fun making great memories!