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We are back!!! We had a great time at Disney World, despite a LOT of rain the last couple of days. Apparently Florida isn’t sunny ALL the time. The fine folks at Disney really do know how to show people a good time though.

Here’s the thing I realized about Disney. They are selling two things. Happiness and dreams coming true. And who doesn’t want either of those things?!? And they say things like “Have a magical day” and instead of saying “rides” they say “experiences.”

And we had some experiences. Seriously, the rides, the phenomenal shows, the character visits, the meals…all wonderful. Disney runs a tight ship because every show started exactly on time, our meals were served promptly, and all the buses were always there to take us where we wanted within minutes.

And about those buses….Disney doesn’t call them buses. Instead it is “Mickey’s Magical Express”. And that sounds like a lot more fun to ride than a bus. So from this point on, I am no longer running carpool, but rather “Mom’s Magical Express.”

Even Caroline, who can be a bit “grumpy” in the early morning, managed a smile when I called out of the car….“Have a magical day!” today as she walked into her middle school.

Now if only I had brought home some pixie dust to help me with this laundry!!!