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Giving "side by side" a whole new meaning....

People, it has been a day.

I’m exhausted.

All of my excitement over my new French style refrigerator quickly faded when the installers said…“sorry mam, it’s too big to go in your front door.”

And they left.

And I called Bill and said it’s time to start tearing down some walls.

And then my dad called and said they were crazy and that it would fit.

And he’s always right.

So I laid aside my plans for a newer, more spacious kitchen and called the installers back. They double checked and said…“oh yeah, it actually will fit. We’re on our way back.”

And I’m going to spare you all the details about things like copper wiring and trying to find out where our house’s water source is and other stuff that TOOK MY ENTIRE DAY but suffice it so say things did not go as planned.

They told me my washer and dryer were too big to stack (turns out after another phone call they were wrong about that too - but they didn’t have the tools to do it anyway). They moved my old refrigerator to the laundry room only to discover that the doors would only open if the dryer was stacked. So now the old refrigerator is in the kitchen WITH the new one.

Practically side by side.

And it’s classy.

Very, very classy.

The good news is that when we are at the dinner table and someone needs something we really don’t have to even get up.

And it just doesn’t get much classier than that.

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Deanne - Jun 5, 2009

Oh the stories I could share! DO NOT get me started on refrigerators that don’t fit. I lived 6 years in a house where the right side could only be opened about 6 inches - you had to squeeze a gallon of milk to slide it in - because the handy door on the big door hit the wall. Because the contractor insisted that “if its residential it will fit”. He was right. It fit. Meaning it slid into the space constructed for it. He never actually said it would fit AND be functional.