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Now THIS is artwork....

Next week Bill and I will be traveling to Italy with some good friends. We’ve been looking forward to the trip for almost a year now. Bill has been reading the travel guides and our friend Leeanna has been making arrangements.

First on the itinerary is a trip to the Uffizi art museum. I had never heard of it. The guide book says it’s a must see and so we are paying a nice chunk of change for someone to give us a private tour.

I’m sure it will be nice but I’m not an artwork aficionado by any stretch of the imagination. I’m still disappointed that someone in high school convinced me to go see the Mona Lisa instead of going up in the Eiffel Tour on a trip to Paris. Not that I’m bitter, but let’s just say when they closed the Eiffel Tower down the next year for visitors to go up to the very top…well, I have had my regrets. I can look at the Mona Lisa in a book. Looking at Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower … I’m sure pictures could never do it justice.

Now just because I have side by side refrigerators in my kitchen doesn’t mean I can’t use a good dose of culture so I’m going to go on that tour and try and learn something about the great masterpieces.But let me tell you…..I don’t think there is anything more beautiful to behold than this for me right now:

Samsung French style refrigerator.

We’re talking a masterpiece. A true work of art.

The pullout drawers….breathtaking.

The pullout freezer…magnificent.

And when that art guide finishes the tour of the great artwork of Italy…

Well, I might just whip out a picture of my Samsung and say…“but have you seen this?!?”

And I have heard that people are sometimes moved to tears by beautiful artwork.

I’ll let you know if it happens.

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Lisa Hill - Jun 5, 2009

I think I speak for all of your blog readers when I say that you’re absolutely hilarious, Darla! This entry cracked me up. And I see you found a lovely place for all those Eggo waffles, by the way.

Deanne - Jun 5, 2009

This is like one of my fridges - yes I have two and yes they are both in the kitchen but I have a countertop separating them - and I love it! All the drawers and options and space. TRULY one of my best buys.

Julie - Jun 5, 2009

The Blue Bell Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - true work of art!!! Can’t wait to have some soon!