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Summer has offically arrived!

I know this because we have thrown water balloons at the school bus.

You see Rummel Creek Elementary, where our kids go to school, hosts a giant water balloon toss to mark the graduation of the 5th graders to middle school. Nearly 100 students run down Brittmore Road (in front of the school) to the neighborhood swimming pool where they jump in and celebrate. The event is called Boogie Down Brittmore and we Baergs have tossed hundreds, maybe thousands of balloons at this annual event.

We’ve attended for the last 8 years. Caroline ran two years ago and Brittany will run next year. I think it is such a fun and special way to commerate the end of elementary school. Last year it was on the evening news. This year someone made their own video. It’s fun to see some of it, even if you don’t watch the whole thing.

Rummel Creek is a special place with wonderful teachers and students and we feel fortunate to be a part of this great school.

Oh, and my apologies to the bus driver.