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New Do, Part 2

I have no idea what is going on with the Baergs. First I change the color of my hair, and now this….

Jacob’s new summer cut!

I LOVE it.

The fashion conscious teenager that lives in my house is probably gonna hate it, but that can’t be helped. In the immortal words that every parent has spoken…“when you grow up and have kids of your own”… you can cut your sons hair however you want.

Jacob loves it too.

Thinks it’s gonna make him swim faster. We’ll see about that. All I know is that I think it is pretty darn cute.

They “gelled” it for him when they cut it but after a quick swim the spiked look is gone. He says it’s “ruined.” Maybe he can talk me into getting some gel of his own.

And the other big news of the day …

Bill and I are leaving on a plane bound for Italy in a few short hours. We are so excited!! I never thought I’d be jetting over to Europe to vacation in a villa in Tuscany for a week. One of my friends turned 40 this year and her husband rented a villa for 5 couples for her birthday. Can I get a WHOO HOO?!?

So, I have no idea if I’ll be able to post for the next 10 days, but if I can…I’ll let you know how it is going.

For now…

Au Rivederci!