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Rome wasn't built in a day...

But that is exactly how long we had to see it.

Fortunately Tommy and Cindy had spent several days there 2 years ago and so Tommy expertly guided us to all the hot spots.
Not that I’m calling the Vatican a hot spot.

But speaking of the Vatican, Cindy wasn’t allowed in. They told her that her dress was too short. Which it wasn’t…but I’m not Catholic so maybe I’m wrong. There were definitely people in there with shorter dresses.

You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed telling people that Cindy was kicked out of St. Peter’s Cathedral. Almost as funny as when her husband, Tommy, freaked when our train was pulling into Rome.

The train stopped just before the station…I guess to get the all clear. We were all visiting when all of a sudden Tommy grabs his backpack and yells…“I THINK THIS IS OUR STOP!!!!” And runs to the front of the train.

Leaves the rest of us staring at each other in disbelief.

Then we laughed because Tommy had freaked.

And this is the thing about Tommy…he’s a very accomplished attorney.

Like he’s so good at what he does they inducted him into some “smartest attorneys in the world” club or something.

But at that moment in time, he lost all that attorney bravado and had a moment of panic.

After all of us disembarked and Tommy calmed down,

we had a little breakfast,

got excited about the big day,

bought a ticket for a sightseeing bus,

and saw the sights.

Like the ancient ruins

The Colliseum

The Pantheon

The Spanish Steps

St. Peter’s Cathedral


Famous Fountains

Lots and Lots of Fountains.

And you should know…it was very, very hot in Rome.

And that means one thing.


Leeanna orders a cone of gelato.

The waiter asks if she wants the “big” cone.

She says “yes.”

He proceeds to COVER the cone with little wafer type crackers and a sparkler type thing poked into it.

It looked awesome and she loved it.

It was the perfect birthday treat.

So we took her picture with the waiter.

And I love this picture. She looks so happy.

That was until she realized they charged her $24 for the “big” cone.

This is what she looked like after she found that out.

I still think it was worth the $24 just to see that smile when Mr. Italiano kissed her.

Totally worth it.