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Back to Back Bashes

I mentioned last week that Jacob and I share back to back birthdays. And we celebrated our birthdays with some fun times.

We all went to Los Cucos for my birthday to enjoy some Mexican fare.

They did NOT succeed in putting whipped cream on my nose (to the great disappointment of my children).

Just a note of warning … you may not want to eat near our family. These children start out looking all sweet, like this…

And in the flash of the camera, can immediately look like this:

I’m just sayin.

The next night, Jacob took 3 friends to Incredible Pizza

where Jacob enjoyed the spaghetti.

and then had some Incredible Fun.

Seriously Incredible Fun.

That lasted until 9:00 pm.

When they closed.

And Jacob said it was a super great party.

“The best one ever!”

And that’s, well … Incredible.