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Before, During and After

I know, I know!!!

I said I wasn’t mentioning Italy again…I accidentally misrepresented the truth.

But here’s the deal…it wasn’t on purpose.

My very computer literate cousin (whom I’ve told you about before and who has solved many a technical problem for me), flipped this picture I loved so much:

so that now it really is a before, during and after shot.


I LOVE IT! (and I have no idea why it’s posting a little smaller than the other pic…I tell you, I have virtually no technical skills!)

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the picture so cool. If you can think of a catchy, clever or cool saying or meaning for the pic, post it in the comments section so we can all see. I feel like there is a story there. I just don’t know what it is yet.

If you can’t think of one I’ll stick with before, during and after.

In closing, special thanks to my cousin who emailed me today that she has enjoyed the Italy stories and a precious friend who actually called me and said “keep blogging on Italy or otherwise.” You both made my day and gave me the freedom to add in just one last thing.

Just one little ole bitty thing.