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I have lots of pictures of elephants...

Bill asked me last week what I wanted to do for my birthday and I told him I wanted to go to the circus. He asked me again because he thought he misunderstood me. But I really did want to go to the circus.

I’ve been two other times in my life. Once with my dad and once with the girls about a week before Jacob was born. Savannah was only two at the time and didn’t remember going. So yesterday afternoon Jacob, Savannah and I headed to the big top to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus.

I think it’s written somewhere that you are supposed to have cotton candy when you watch the circus.

We enjoyed the motorcycles, elephants and trapeze acts … and yes, the $12 cotton candy.

It came inside the souvenir hat Jacob is wearing so I’m trying to feel good about spending that much on spun sugar.

And I would have more pictures of the circus, but we went to the pre-show elephant exhibit and Savannah wanted to take pictures so I let her use my small digital camera. I had no idea … until we got into the show and the camera flashed **low battery** that she had taken tons of pictures of the elephants. I actually took this one and it is the only elephant picture I took.

Savannah however got the elephants from all angles:

We really enjoyed watching when they poured out a tray of apples for the elephants to eat.

Except the kids were embarrassed when I said … “Look, he’s eating with his nose!” They rolled their eyes and said “that’s a TRUNK mom”.

I stand corrected.