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Back to Back Birthdays

Six years ago today, a doctor announced…“IT’S A BOY!” and our lives have never been the same.

Your dad and I had a son and your sisters had a little brother.

And all of us are crazy about you.

You are the icing on the cake of our family.

You are the exclamation point at the end of our sentence.

You are the answer to our prayers and a dream come true.

Our birthdays may sit side by side on the calendar, but Jacob, you sit right on top of my heart.

And for as long as I live I will never get over the day they said “it’s a boy!”

Happy 6th Birthday Jacob!

I love you!

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Deanne - Jul 5, 2009

Wonderful!! Happy Birthday Jacob! Have a wonderful wonderful day. I feel certain you were the best belated birthday present your mom ever received!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend - Jul 6, 2009

What a sweet post and a super cute little guy….how I love little boys…

Anonymous - Jul 6, 2009

Precious little grandson. He is very special to us. Such a sweet spirited little guy!!! Know your day was great!!!

Love you,