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Martha Stewart I am not...

After a frenzy of crafting fury last weekend, we loaded up 3 trunks and took the girls to camp.

And I’m not kidding about the fury part. I mean seriously…which over-achieving mom first decided….“Hey kids! Let’s paint your camp trunk.”

Because I’ve seen some trunks that looked like they involved the likes of Michelangelo or Picasso.

So I did what I generally tend to do in stressful situations such as this and took a deep breath and sent Bill to Hobby Lobby.

He came home with a few things for the girls to DECORATE THEIR OWN TRUNKS with and we held our heads high as we pulled them out of the car.

(OK, truth be told, Caroline didn’t hold her head high and made me promise to buy her one of the new pink metal trunks for next year. I guess we all now know what she is getting for Christmas.)

Anyway…I don’t think they turned out that badly at all. In fact, I really liked them.

Savannah’s trunk absolutely SCREAMS Savannah. It has her touch all over it. Fur and glitz and a crown:

Brittany picked out this cute bubble ribbon and pink rick rack and said she was creating the “most awesome-est Brittany creation ever”. I tend to think she succeeded even though I spent 20 minutes trying to tie bows that looked half way decent on the top and side.

Caroline went for the more contemporary look with hers…and a few dots for emphasis.

This is just a little tip I’m throwing in for free, but those dots on Caroline and Brittany’s trunks are from the Lowe’s paint department. They have wallpaper type stick on border things and that’s what we used. Genius if I do say so myself. I’m sure Martha Stewart would have a much better description than “wallpaper type stick on border things”, but I’m not her and she probably doesn’t shop at Lowe’s.

Anyway…once the trunks were done, we deposited the girls at their camps where they had their temperatures taken to ensure we weren’t sending anyone with the swine flu and set them up in their cabins:



A swim test….and then we were gone!

Except that we weren’t because there was a miniature golf course on the way to the car and Jacob had to play every hole…twice.

This actually worked out really well though because one of the things he said he wanted to do while his sisters were gone was to play golf and we had ourselves a free game right here. Oh yes we did.

And I tell you, once Jacob learned the kids got to play golf during the week, he wanted nothing more than for us to leave him there too. But he’s not old enough and well…he didn’t have a trunk so we had to bring him with us.

Oh, and one last thing…you know the cute bubble ribbon Brittany used on her trunk? Well, I tied a bow on her black mesh laundry bag from Wal Mart with that bubble ribbon and I thought it turned out really cute.

I think Martha would be proud.

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Anonymous - Jul 5, 2009

Well, while Martha is stocking her shelves at K_mart, I think our girls, you included, did a great job. Now for a picture of the clothes bag!! All the expressions on the kids’ faces tell a story in themselves, including Jacob. How angelic is that face?//!!!!

Valerie - Jul 5, 2009

Decorating the trunk? That does not sound like fun but just another task on my already too long “to do” list : )

Deanne - Jul 6, 2009

I do think Martha would be very proud! The kids look like they are having a wonderful summer!