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Darla Stories, school supplies edition

My mom sent me an email today about someone who got in the wrong car and then left their food in that car and …. it went on and on. It was hysterical and for a second I thought I might have been reading about something that happened to me.

Cause y’all all know I’ve gotten in the wrong car before.

Anyway the whole thing reminded me of another Darla story. I haven’t posted one in awhile because sometimes these things happen to me so often that it’s just part of my day. And then I’m reminded that not everyone lives like this … or maybe they do and just don’t laugh about it as hard as I do.

So, about two years ago I received a call from one of my kids at school who started out with this phrase … “you remembered it’s your day to bring ______”. I don’t even remember now what it was, but I quickly answered ….. “yes, I’ll be there. You got it … I’m on my way.”

And I packed up Jacob and ran off to the Wal Mart rushing like crazy so no one would know that actually I didn’t really remember it was my day to bring whatever it was I needed to bring.

I loaded up my cart and looked at the time and panicked. I had to HURRY.

So I paid for my stuff and pushed my cart out to the parking lot and took Jacob out of the cart and drove off. Without ANY of my stuff.

All I remember is being on my cell phone with someone and screaming …AUGH! and hanging up. And I did what I do in these types of situations and called Bill. And I asked him to call Wal Mart and ask them if my cart (with all the bags in it) was still in the parking lot.

And his response was this … “you seriously want me to call Walmart and tell them my wife drove off without any of her stuff?!?”

And I said … “you heard me correctly”.

And I can’t for the life of me remember why I couldn’t make the call myself but I’m sure I had a good reason (ahem).

But good ole Bill called them and called me back and said they located it. Just sitting out there in the middle of the parking lot, stacked with bags.

And y’all, worse than the having to make that call was the walk of shame I had to take up to the customer service desk to tell them I drove off without my stuff.

I tried to not really make eye contact with them while I took my stuff and high tailed it back to the elementary school where I handed over whatever thing my child needed.

And I’m sure I smiled and said something sweet like “you didn’t think mama would forget now, would you?”.