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The Fairy Cometh!

Jacob lost his first tooth!!!!

Big day!

I have to write about it here because well…I’ve never written ONE WORD in his baby book. I don’t even know where I put it! So we have no idea when he got his first tooth, but the entire internet community can read when he lost the first one.

Now don’t feel badly for him not having a baby book and all. It’s just one of those things. I meant to do it. I bought it. I think actually it might have his foot print from the hospital in it. But maybe not because I might have forgotten it then too.

My friend Jennifer (the youngest of four herself) told me that her mom found her in about the 4th grade writing in her own baby book. She looked at her mom and said something along the lines of … “well, somebody’s got to do it.”

I asked Jacob tonight how much he thought the tooth fairy would bring him. He said “whatever it’s worth.” I thought that was a good answer until I asked him what he thought it might be worth.

He said…“SIX Dollars”.

I repeated… “SIX?!”

“Yes, either that or in the teens.”

So, there you have it. August 6, 2009 … Jacob lost his first tooth.

And I’ll look this up someday and record it … if I ever find that baby book!

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Deanne - Aug 5, 2009

How cool! I was in the second grade before I lost a tooth! I can remember BEGGING my dad to knock one out with his big college ring that he wore - just so I could look like my friends.

He never did.

Apparently inflation hits the Tooth Fairy as well. I’m putting sure she never brought me more than a quarter!

Chelsea - Aug 5, 2009

Just print out your blog and give it to him on his 18th birthday. :)