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Turning nine was mighty fine ...

First I have to say that I am married to one of the sweetest men in the world. He was lamenting today his absolute LACK of home improvement skills … he seriously had to go to Home Depot twice today just to change a light bulb! First he went and bought new bulbs. He then tried to put a new bulb in the light fixture around my vanity and it broke in the socket. He used a carrot (which I think you are supposed to use a potato but it wasn’t really the time to point out further flaws in the light bulb plan) to get the bulb out. He then had to go back to the store to buy a new bulb. The whole thing probably took an hour and a half … FOR A LIGHT BULB. Then he tried to tighten our towel rack. It’s currently sitting on the floor where it may remain for quite some time.

I told him it didn’t matter - he’s good at lots of other stuff.
Like absolutely making a brand spanking new Nine year old’s birthday really, really special.

Starting at 7:30 am.

That’s what time he took her to breakfast. Just the two of them to IHOP. She had the silver dollar pancakes, but more importantly, she had her daddy all to herself. And she ate that up!

He dropped her off at 9:00 at our high school for a two hour cheerleading clinic. The high school cheerleaders teach the girls some cheers and next Friday night they get to go onto the field and cheer just before the high school game. They get a t-shirt and think it’s a lot of fun. Bill went back and got her so he could watch the “parent performance”.

I was feeling kind of bad because we couldn’t really go and do anything because Brittany is still under the weather. Savannah really wanted to go ice skating and we happened to have a few passes. So off to the mall Bill went with Savannah and Jacob in tow where he proceeded to skate with them for 2 hours. And he really skated. I only did that once because after holding Jacob up for what seemed like forever I was in desperate need of a chiropractor and decided my days of holding someone up on the ice rink were done.

I asked him if he could return a pair of shorts that didn’t fit one of the girls while he was there. I sent him to the Justice store without thinking that Bill had never been in a girls store in the mall with a girl who loves to shop (besides me).

I really don’t think he was prepared.

He called me and with confusion in his voice said … “she wants a shirt … she’s trying it on … it’s crazy in here.” I assured him it was her birthday and if he wanted to get her a shirt it was fine by me.

And let me just tell you … she has two love languages … quality time and shopping … and he was speaking both of them to her. (Ironically I have the same two. Hee Hee). She came home with a shirt I would have never picked out or probably bought, but I can pretty much guarantee it is her favorite clothing item in her closet right now. I don’t know if it’s because most of her wardrobe is made up of hand-be-downs, but she gets practically giddy when she gets something new.
After the mall adventure he should have been worn out (and actually probably was), but Jacob had a Chuck E Cheese birthday party to attend and since Savannah would have picked that for her dinner choice he took both of them and he and Savannah had another celebratory time while Jacob enjoyed his party.

When she got home I had a cake for her. She requested chocolate cake with chocolate icing. And so Betty Crocker and I made her just that. I even bought a can of decorator icing (pink). When she saw the cake (and without knowing I had the pink icing) she asked … “Mommy, can you write Happy Birthday Savannah on it in pink icing?” Do I know my girl or what?!

As I decorated it she said these words …. “mama, it looks just like the ones in the store”. Music to my ears is what that was, music to my ears (although I think that was a pretty big stretch!).

She couldn’t decide between the number candle or the squiggly candles and so she went with both …

We sang “Happy Birthday” …

She blew out the candles …

And …

She liked it!

She really ….

REALLY liked it!!

Happy Birthday Savannah!

To borrow one of your favorite phrases … “you rock”!