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Darla Stories - Bloggy Break Edition

OK, so y’all know I just kind of live with funny stuff happening.  It’s kind of  how I roll…

But the other day, it wasn’t just me that was rolling.

The girls and I stopped off at Costco to fill up with gas after a soccer game.  If you remember, my people (especially Brittany) are VERY afraid of bumble bees.  And bees sometimes hang out at soccer games and one apparently decided to come on home with us.

We didn’t know this until we were sitting patiently waiting for a very shiny FORD F150/Dodge RAM-ish type truck in front of us to fill its tank.

All of a sudden Brittany starts to scream and, in less than like one/one millionth of a second, jumped clear out of our Suburban.  Well, we Baerg girls stick together in crisis situations, and if Brittany jumps…well you better believe, we all jump.

Only one of us forgot the car wasn’t in park.

And we were screaming because of the bee and unloading like some kind of clown car and next thing I know my shiny-ish Suburban was heading straight for the urban cowboys truck.

Now not to worry… I jumped in and slammed on the brakes and there was about one/one millionth of an inch left before I had to buy that urban cowboy a new bumper … but I made it.

I’m still worried about the Costco gas guy though.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so stunned in my life (and that includes when I told Bill we were expecting our fourth child!).

Somehow he mustered up the courage to say, oh so tentatively, … “mam, everything all right?”

I said …“oh yeah…we’re good.   Just had a bee in the car.  No worries.”

And I filled up and we pulled off.

As we left I kind of waved at the Costco guy who still looked like he had been a witness to some crazy kind of crime.

I’m just hoping he’ll recover.

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Chelsea - Oct 5, 2009

You know I love Darla stories!! :)

There are a lot of one/one millionths in that story. You chicks are crazy!

Deanne - Oct 5, 2009

Somehow I just can’t quite picture you driving a truck. Park is a very good gear.

Morgan - Oct 5, 2009

lol!!! I so needed a good laugh today! I can so see you and your girls doing this!

Beth - Nov 0, 2009

GREAT Darla story to add to the book! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Mommy of 3 - Nov 1, 2009

Totally loved this story!