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It's like it was meant to be...

As most of you know … I’m a big fan of candy corn.  In fact, I’m glad today is October 31 because this candy cornucopia lifestyle I’ve been living needs to come to a stop.  One friend said I was suffering from candy cornnibalism.  Who knows… I really do like them.

In the past few weeks I’ve posted a few candy corn treat recipes on here and facebook.  Posted is a relative term seeing how I never actually made the treats.  And that is mostly because I always ate the candy before I made the treats.  Sad but true.  One day I didn’t even buy the candy corns before I began eating them.  I was only going to have a “few” and told the cashier as I was checking out that the bag was open.  The message failed to reach the bagger and before I knew it, candy corns were flying across the Kroger floor.  Such a senseless waste of sugar goodness.

For the last several weeks I thought we had our Halloween costumes in place.  Brittany was going to be a basketball player (mostly because she is so practical and knew that wouldn’t involve buying anything or wearing anything that would make people look at her).  I got Jacob and Savannah something I thought they’d like.  Jacob was a go with his costume, Savannah wanted to keep thinking.  You know … so she could think of something where people would really look at her.

Thursday afternoon she told me she’d like to be a candy corn.  I thought it was a great idea except that most any of the cute costumes had been gone since probably the last week of September.  (I’m sure because many, many moms had “ordered online” months in advance.)  In fact … when I went to two different Targets on Friday, there were just a few mismatched .. nobody wants us…type costumes left.

When Savannah got home from school I took her to my third Target of the day and she spent, what felt like an hour, deciding between a unicorn and a snow princess costume.  I didn’t love either of them but she finally settled on the unicorn and we were off to see if the candy corn were on sale for 50% off yet.

Today at 4:00, I decided to run by just one last Target … just to, you know, … see.  Picked over and pitiful is about the only way to describe what I found … until, low and behold…I saw it.  It’s almost like it just appeared…the perfect candy corn costume … in the perfect size.


I have no idea why, but someone had ordered this particular costume (that was only available online) and had just returned it to the store.  It was marked down and I paid a whopping $4.79 for it!  I mean … that’s only about the price of 2 bags of candy corn.

It was awesome …

I think she liked it!

And I thought she looked DARLING.

What was even crazier was that I bought Brittany a “groovy girl” type costume, just on the off chance that she might abandon the basketball player idea.  And low and behold, she did.

And Jacob stuck with the original plan:

The trio:

Caroline manned the front door while we went boo parade hopping to some nearby neighborhoods.

Oh, and last thing …

We did carve some pumpkins today.

First Jacob:

And then Savannah …

And after all this excitement … I need an extra hour of sleep.

Lucky for me that’s all taken care of too!