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It kind of felt like 1998 ....

Someone recently asked me what the significance of 1999 was in my email address ([email protected]).  I wish there was a better story to tell but the truth is, 1999 is the year we got the internet in our home.  In fact, Brittany had just been born and we got our first computer that we could hook up to the internet.

Thinking I’d just “try this internet thing out”, I, oh so cleverly, made my email address my last name and the current year.  It’s a wonder no one has ever hired me to market something for them isn’t it?  Creativity is not my strong suit.  I leave that to my sister.

So Friday when our computer was out for the entire day?

Well, it kind of felt like 1998.

The only difference was that I spent half the day attempting to reconnect my internet.  The cable company kept saying that the signal was fine.  And then - in a comment that felt very 1950’s except that it was the truth - the guy trying to help me said …“I’m sure when your husband gets home he can fix it.”

And that didn’t sit very well with me.

Until Bill got home and fixed it.

Then I didn’t care anymore because it was 2009 and we had internet service again.

The end.

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Chelsea - Oct 1, 2009

I was emailing you a couple weeks ago and my husband looked over and saw your email address. He goes, “HAHAHA. I’ve had my email address longer than her! Yes! I’ve had my email address longer than most people!”

I don’t know why it was so exciting for him. But whatever, we figured out your secret code.

Deanne - Oct 1, 2009

More secrets unveiled!

Leslie Lauren - Oct 1, 2009

In true Shaniqua tone I thought, “Oh NO He DiD-Ent!” to the cable guy. Sheesh. He might be able to fix an internet connection, but I’ll bet he doesn’t know how to make a PB&J with the crusts cut off ;)