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It's a paradox of sorts ...

Just so you know … planning on the blog coming back next week.  I cracked up today when I was laughing with one of the ministers at our church … and he stopped and said … “I’ll probably see this on “i-get-to”.  Made me think I should “get” back at it before too long.

But that’s not the paradox.

Oh no, not even close.

Here’s the deal.  I’m travelling to Midland, TX Friday morning and will be speaking at a womens event on Saturday.  So excited!  As of today they had sold 980 tickets and are planning on having over 1,000 there.

That’s a lot.

And I can hardly wait!

Please pray for me and for God’s annointing over that event.  It is open to the community so it’s exciting to be able to present a message for women to hear of God’s love.

I’m excited, but not nervous.

Not one little bit.

When I speak, I feel like I’m doing exactly what God made me to do.

Here is the paradox.

The next weekend our home group from church is coming to my house for dinner.  All I have to do, besides clean the house, - BIG JOB - is to provide the main course.

Just thinking of what to prepare for 10 adults makes my blood run cold.  Unnerves me.  Makes me come unglued.  Hyperventilate even.

Ok, maybe not hyperventilate, but somewhere close.

The people who have previously hosted served grilled pork tenderloin, chicken with a mango salsa, barbeque … all these delicious, delightful meals … and then there is me.

No ideas at all.

So, if you know THE perfect thing for me to serve as the entree, please email me or put it in the comments.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or flashy … just good.

And easy would be nice too.

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skcwmom - Oct 4, 2009

Hooray for Darla!! I will be praying for you this week/weekend!

From one nervous Nellie cook to another, just go easy! I have realized as I have gotten older that no one really cares that much. Or if they do they are at the wrong house. My husband hates it when I try something new and different when people come over. To me that is the perfect time to try something new.

If you have 2 ovens you could prepare something ahead (like enchiladas), freeze it and then cook it that day. DONT FORGET to take it out of the freezer to defrost.

I only have one oven so would have to stick with stovetop, like chili with fritos, cheese, etc on the side. Yum!

What is Bill up to? Put him on the grill for heaven’s sakes! Burgers, steaks, chicken. Then salad, beans, etc on the side.

Dessert - choc chip poundcake, strawberries, a little whipped cream. From the can of course - who are we kidding. Although if you happen to be wearing your pink apron look out!!

Good luck! Please blog your dinner! And you may want to watch Julie and Julia beforehand, though I would not recommend deboning a duck for a dinner party. Unless you have done it before.

Leslie Lauren - Oct 4, 2009

Giiiirl….This isn’t a fancy dish, but it sure is good and feeds a ton of people very cost-effectively!! Our first attempt at a “dinner party” came with having our small group over for Bible study. Small group turned into 14 adults and four children (!!!!). I made poppyseed chicken and got so much positive feedback and requests for the recipe! Try it, so easy and delish!

Poppyseed Chicken (I’ve tweaked this recipe to get 10 adult servings out of it-plus some leftovers!)
2 packages of chicken tenderloins from grocer’s freezer
6 Cans of Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup
16 oz. of Low Fat Breakstone’s Sour Cream
3 Sleeves of Ritz Crackers
2 Sticks of Butter or Margarine
3 Tbspn. Poppyseeds
Several “good shakes” of Emeril’s Original Essence
5 or 6 Bags of Success Minute Rice
Extra butter or olive oil (your choice)

*Oven Temp should be set for 400 degrees*

First, you’ll want to prepare the chicken. I’ve done this a million different ways for this recipe, but the most flavorful way to go is to throw some butter in a frying pan, sprinkle your “good shakes” of Emeril’s Original Essence all over, and cook them right on the stovetop for several minutes until nicely browned on the outside and no longer pink on the inside. Let them set for just a minute to let the juices incorporate, and while you set it aside, start working on the casserole.

In a large bowl, combine the six cans of Campbell’s with the sour cream and stir, stir, stir. You might not use the entire carton of sour cream~ it’s really your preference. I just like to make sure you don’t see any of the chicken soup color anymore. It should be a nice creamy color. For fun, add some shakes of poppyseed too!

Now cut your chicken tenderloins in bite-size pieces and stir into your creamy mix. Add this mixture to your pan (9 x 13 or larger…the longer the pan, the more topping you’ll get to put over the top!).

In a gallon size plastic bag, add the sleeves of Ritz crackers and crush them into tiny pieces. This is fun for the kids to do :) Just make sure they don’t bust the bag while getting all the big pieces crushed. While that’s being done, melt the two sticks of butter in a large enough microwavable mixing bowl. Add the crushed crackers and poppyseeds to the butter and mix well. Spread over the top of your casserole and pop in the oven for twenty minutes.

Boil and drain the rice and put in a lovely serving dish for people to serve themselves with. To plate, add the rice to your plate and spoon the poppyseed chicken over the top. I’ve also used egg noodles when I’m out of rice.

This recipe is so good, so easy, and is a total crowd pleaser. My son is the pickiest eater on the planet, and he LOOOVES this recipe!! Simply serve with a side salad and some bread and butter and you’re good to go ;)

Deanne - Oct 4, 2009

In my world we would say “Break A Leg” this weekend. I know you’ll do wonderfully - you’re doing what you were called to do.

And I’m glad to see you still telling us about it. I would miss “talking” to you if you weren’t blogging.

As for dinner, call Deah.

Cherry - Oct 5, 2009

I am more than a little self conscious posting on a Communications Expert’s blog, so bear with me. Congratulations on doing what you were made to do! May God hide you behind His cross as He pours Himself out upon that group of women this Saturday. May their hearts be moved and changed into His likeness.

For your dinner I would suggest:

Poppy Seed Chicken with
Steamed White Rice (brown is healthier, but this recipe needs white rice).


Tossed Salad
(greens, mandarin oranges, walnuts, red onion & lighly use poppyseed onion dressing OR spinach greens, sliced strawberries, toasted sliced almonds & lighly use raspberry vinaigrette dressing)

Dessert (one chocolate pie & one lemon chess pie (everyone loves good pie - fabulous)OR
Duncan Hines Brownie Mix: make in pie pans. Cut small slices, add strawberries on the side, a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream with chocolate shavings on top
Wonderful Coffee

My Poppy Seed Chicken recipe is from a Franklin TN Junior League cookbook & is so yummy. It calls for cooking sherry (optional) & whipping cream. The chicken breasts are simmered (can cook the day before).

If you want any recipes, call me: 901-867-3940. Sorry, I have no time to type them today.

Leslie Lauren - Oct 6, 2009

Cherry that is such a hoot that your recipe came from a Junior League cookbook!! My mom got our poppyseed chicken recipe from my elementary school’s cookbook from 1989. HA! It’s so good my mouth is watering :) :) :)

Shona Cole - Oct 3, 2009

Darla, you should get back to it, you have such a great ‘voice’. I hope the event went well, I would love to read about it here ;)

thanks for stopping by my blog :)