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She is seriously bossy ...

I read this article today and could not help but laugh.  Mostly because I could totally relate to the poor guy who almost drove off the cliff.

In what was perhaps THE funniest moment of our Italy trip this summer, our friend (and sidekick comic) Matthew was driving in the dark home from one of our daytrips.  We were following the GPS directions and were quite sure the lady announcing the directions was leading us off the top of a mountain.


We drove and drove and drove….straight up a mountain.  We were just trying to get back to the villa in Tuscany but it seemed instead we had accidentally punched in directions to the Swiss Alps.  We were driving through the clouds and there were times we wondered if maybe we were in heaven … except without the golden streets.

Bill and I were in the backseat of the car (seeing how neither of us drives a stick very well … or really at all) and none of us could STOP LAUGHING.  We kept envisioning the lady who was giving the directions as a cigarette smoking woman (her voice was kind of raspy) somewhere calling us idiots under her breath while giving us directions.

FINALLY, we got to the top of the mountain and started back down and came upon the villa.    But it wasn’t before we thought she was leading us straight off the side of that mountain.

Which is why I could totally empathize with this poor guy.  And you might have thought you were having a bad day …

Man Fined for Following GPS to a Cliff #

Man Fined for Following GPS to Edge of a Cliff

A man trying to get to his home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire from a friend’s house was fined for following his GPS directions to the edge of a cliff with a massive drop, a story by reported.

Robert Jones, 43, was looking for a gas station when he followed the navigation system down a narrow dirt road, the story said. Jones didn’t stop until he ran into a fence at the edge of the cliff, and he was forced to walk to a nearby village for help.

Judge Waseem Raja said Jones blindly followed the GPS instead of using his eyes and brain to see that he was on a road not suitable for motor vehicles the story said. Jones was found guilty of driving without due care and attention and fined $610, along with a $24 victim surcharge, $824 in court costs and another $1,624 in recovery fees.

Make sure you use those “eyes and brains” people.  Judges aren’t granting much mercy for being intimidated by the GPS lady.  For realz.