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A stitch in time ...

Or perhaps 13 stitches.

And I was having such a good afternoon.  I had cleaned the kitchen, baked some cookies (the frozen kind I bought from a high school band member - don’t think I’ve gone all crazy and homemade or anything), had laundry going and was enjoying waiting on my kids coming home from school.

When I heard the bus I went outside and watched the kids get off the bus.  Jacob got off and the first thing he said was … “MOM, you never told me you were famous!”  Which is hysterical….because, as you well know, I’m not famous.

But I had been the mystery writer in his classroom this morning and I got to show them some magazines that had articles of mine along with my picture in them.  His teacher said I was famous … and I’m sure she was using that term VERY loosely.  I saw Jacob turn to his buddy next to him and hold up his arms, shrug his shoulders and giggle … “I didn’t even know she was famous.”

I guess he’d been thinking about it all day.

He took a few more steps, bounced on the pogo swing a time or ten and then headed off to “pull weeds” which is one of his new favorite after school activities.  (We had our flower beds cleared and he loves pulling the weeds.  His MN grandfather is a big farmer guy with a garden and all so I guess Jacob got that particular gene from him.)

He came inside, grabbed a cookie, ran to the bathroom and before I knew it there was TERRIBLE screaming.  I heard Brittany yell there is a LOT of blood and I went running in to find Jacob literally dripping in blood.  I grabbed him up, put a towel on his head and ran outside.  I think most people might have calmly looked at the wound but I’m not that person.  We have 3 doctors who live on our street.  The one next door is retired and I was hoping he was home … no such luck.  As I sat in my driveway, holding a crying Jacob and directing Brittany to call my friend to come take us to the emergency room…low and behold…an angel of the Lord showed up.  Seriously, a lady stopped and asked if we were okay.  I said … “I think we need to go to the ER, my friend is coming.”  She said … “I’m a nurse” and came and calmed Jacob (and me) down.  She took one, very quick, look at his wound and said … “you need to go straight to the hospital”.

Now really people … what are the odds that a sweet nurse would just happen to be driving down my street at exactly that time?  Really cool how that worked out.  And when I got to the ER … I walked in and they said …. “Jacob Baerg, right?  You have a bump on your head.”

I was shocked.  I said … “how do you know that?”  And they said … “your nurse called.”

My nurse.  I prefer to call her an angel, but ok, nurse.

It just took about 1/10th of a second to know that stitches were in order.  Lots of stitches to a VERY deep wound.  I didn’t look but Bill said it was really gross.

They put some numbing cream on it and left and Jacob said … “mom, getting stitches wasn’t bad at all.”  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the stitches.  But he took the stitches like a champ and made it home in time for dinner (which was Papa Johns pizza because my idyllic homemaker moment from earlier in the afternoon only went so far as cookies … no dinner plan).

Right before bed we took the patch off and I got my first look and it is MUCH better than I thought it was going to look.  Ol’ Scarface will be just fine.  (which this is funny but one of the first things he yelled when I was in the driveway looking for help was … I AM NOT GOING TO SCHOOL TOMORROW!)  I think he’ll make it off to school just fine.

And I’m gonna put one of those cookies I made in his lunchbox.

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Chelsea - Nov 2, 2009

Well done Jacob!! You’re a brave man! My husband got stitches last week and said they hurt really bad. We went to the doctor this morning to get them out- he was really nervous. But it didn’t hurt at all.

Take lots of pictures of that war wound!

(Look Jacob, you’re on the internet! You’re famous now too!)

PS- got my goods in the mail yesterday!!

Deanne - Nov 3, 2009

What a champ! And Mom did OK, too. Every little boy needs a battle scar and a good story to go with it. The story will probably get better with time, as the scar fades.

And hey, semi-homemade cookies are way better than no cookies at all!

Beth - Nov 1, 2009

So, what happened in the bathroom that caused the injury?!? Ben has several just like it (although most of them are in the middle of his forehead.) Your friend is right…. Every little boy needs a few battle wounds & scars. Ben thinks his are “cool”!