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Really and truly "home for the holidays" ....

How fun was it for me to be able to really and truly go HOME for the “Home for the Holidays” event?   A lot of fun, I tell you.  A whole lot of fun.  It was a great weekend, the only bummer was that I brought home a bad cold with me as a souvenir.

It was fun because I got to see my niece.  Darling, darling neice Addison.  She calls me Aunt La La and I’m pretty sure there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

It was fun because I got to hang out with my parents and some dear, dear friends.  Sorry … no pics.  Too busy talking.

It was fun because I got to see the beautiful fall that Arkansas enjoys.  This is in my parents front yard.

It was fun because I got to speak on Saturday and in the audience were my mom, sister, aunt, friends of mine, friends or my moms …. it was kind of like a giant hug while I was on stage.

This is my friend Sharon.  Sharon can finish my sentences.  In fact, she did quite a lot of that on Saturday.  Not while I was speaking, mind you, but while I was talking to people before and after.  If there is something you want to know about me, ask Sharon.  She can tell you.

This is my friend Holly.  Can I tell you how special it was to have my friends there?  Holly is oh so special.  So wise … I want to be like her when I grow up.

These are my friends Natalie and Karen.  They went to Central High School with me.  I think they came to celebrate the fact that we never killed ourselves driving oh so fast to McDonalds everyday during lunch.

A few weeks ago I called my mom from Midland and said … “I wish you were here!”  And this time she was!  Isn’t she cute?

Here are some of her friends that came:

I’ve known both of these ladies forever and ever.  In fact, they are my friends and my moms friends.  One person who came said … “I’ve known you since before you were born”.  And it’s not every audience you speak to that people can say that!

This picture cracked me up.  It doesn’t so much look like I’m singing this time, but rather leading the choir.  What is up with that!?

I am starting to think I’m big on gestures.

It was a beautiful event and was such a joy to be there.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture with Lynn, the womens minister at Geyer Springs Baptist.  She and I were in the youth group together at First Baptist Little Rock.  There’s just something kind of neat about starting out together and then ministering together that is really kind of cool.  Plus she’s so cute, y’all would have liked her pic.  :) I’m also sorry I don’t have a picture with my sister, Deah.  She is the ying to my yang.  She is creative, encouraging and helpful (even coming over to my moms house in her PJ’s at 11:00 pm to help me pick my outfit the night before the event!). Deah created my website ( and has her own creative agency  If you need a creative piece (invitation, website,ad, etc.), call Deah.  She’s your girl.  Highlighting her creative side is the fact that she went to the “knitting” room after the event on Saturday to learn to knit.  (They had various craft classes you could attend).  I did get a picture of her watching her friend Beatrice learn a stitch.

And lastly … for those of you who know about my candy corn cravings lately … well, you can imagine how at home I felt when I walked in and saw this on one of the display tables:

Yes!  The turkey cookies made with candy corn.  They even let me take one home with me.  Only I didn’t get home with it. I ate it on the way out.  Just so you know.

But when I did get home?!  Well, sweet girl Savannah had made cupcakes … one for me and one for her … and she put candy corn on the top.

Pretty much made my day. Thanks for your prayers!  I love, love, loved getting to share in my hometown, with family and dear and special friends.  It was a really treasured time for me. It would have been special even without the candy corn cookies.  :)

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Deanne - Nov 2, 2009

Awesome! Sorry I missed it. I hope to get to hear you someday.

Cherry - Nov 2, 2009

I’m so glad that you had a great time and that the Geyer Springs Ladies were blessed. I know you were tremendous.


Beth - Nov 1, 2009

Heard it was AWESOME, as always!!! I feel so left out. :( Stinks being so far away. Mom apologizes for missing it. She’s been really sick. :( So glad it went well. I’m so proud of you!!!