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Busy, busy, busy ...

The last three or four days held so many events that I couldn’t keep up on the blog!  I shared Jacob’s encounter with the cow at the Oil Ranch, but had a few more pics to show.  It was a fun day made all the more worthwhile when Jacob said to me as I was leaving … “one more hug Mommy.”

I was happy to oblige.

Here was our day:

In addition to feeding those cows, Jacob and his friends pumped water:

We had some lunch.

Took a train ride:

Took lots of pics:

Played some hoops … (this was a pick up game on the way to the train ride).

Apparently Jacob has been paying attention in Sunday School because he said … “mommy, take my picture climbing the sycamore tree!”  I finally had to tell Zacheus to come down!

We had a great time!

I wouldn’t have wanted to miss that trip for anything!