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Little Indians

Friday was the kindergarten Thanksgiving feast at our school.  The students make their own Indian costumes:

They sing lots of songs for the parents:

I think in this song the Indians had to rest:

There was even a turkey in the show!!

 After the performance, we all went back to their classroom for a traditional feast.  Well, not really traditional but they did have corn on the cob, turkey rollups, cheese sticks, bananas, pumpkin pie … and chocolate chip cookies.  The chocolate chip cookies were the untraditional, but very well liked, addition.

 I’m always a big fan of the rolls too:

 Apparently the pilgrims didn’t use utensils so this was very authentic:

 In first grade they will dress up like Pilgrims.  It will be cute too although Jacob is quite concerned about being a Pilgrim.  He told me they watched a movie about the Pilgrims and “it was SO sad.  A bunch of them died and they were SO young.”

And lastly … a bit of a Darla story:

I was visiting with one of the moms while the kids were eating.  She said “Have you seen Plymouth Rock?”  I thought she meant a movie.  I said “no” which worked either way because I haven’t seen the rock or the movie.  But then she started telling me how it was really small and kind of a disappointment and, I kid you not, it took everything in me not to bust out laughing and tell her I thought she meant a movie.

But I played it cool.   Just nodded as she spoke and told her I’d have to go see Plymouth Rock sometime.

The actual rock.