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Little Adieu about everything ...

This post is just about this, that and the other and nothing really.

Except for some fun things happened today.

First, McDonalds regional office called today and said they were shipping me some Arch cards to hand out in airports during the holidays.  I cannot wait for my children to help me do this and experience the joy of telling someone … especially a soldier, thanks.

Second, both girls went to GAP today at our elementary school.  GAP stands for God Answers Prayer and a woman in Houston started this group years ago and more and more groups keep popping up.  The really awesome thing is that almost all the 5th and 3rd grade girls in our school come … they have t-shirts with verses on them and, most importantly, they get to hear about God.  And it is thrilling to me to be able to do this in the public schools.  I mean … if God wants to be in public schools, He can find a way in there.  I’m just sayin'.

Lastly … tonight we had an Italy reunion.   We all got together and had dinner, watched our videos, looked at the pictures and retold many of the stories.  We had such a good time!  Made me want to travel again so badly.  Especially with that group.

And that’s all I have here.  Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous - Nov 6, 2009

Thank you, dear. Your McDonal experience reminds me of when you were in elementary school and you and Kim always went to Children’s Hospital and gave them some of your Halloween candy. Also your fundraiser for them that you asked about and I said ‘maybe’. That always meant yes to you. So your invitations when out to the neighborhood and at the appointed time the neighbors were streaming in to our backyard and as I looked out the kitchen window, I knew I had 2 choices. Get upset or “get with the program”! I chose the latter. Remember grabbing a cantaloupe from the fridge and starting cutting it up in bites with toothpicks. Don’t remember what else I came up with to serve your (our :~))guests.

Then the GAP (God Answers Prayer) groups at school just thrills my heart. There is so much condemnation about what you can not do in public school that you can. If all the Christian teachers left public school where would we be? It is a ministry within itself. I am so glad that these little girls are taking advantage of this experience.