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Mine ... all mine.

The other day Jacob was at the park and a little girl came up to him and yelled RIGHT IN HIS FACE … for all the other little playground people to hear … “I KNOW THE BOY I’M GOING TO MARRY AND I’M LOOKIN’ AT HIM.”

I kind of laughed and thought it was cute (as well as forward and aggressive) until tonight.  Tonight when Jacob and I were snuggling before bedtime, he told me that he had “pinky promised” his Daddy that he wouldn’t tell anyone, but that he wanted to tell me anyway, that a girl in his class had given him a heart that said “I love you” during naptime at school.

My first thought … ohnoshedidn’t.

But he clearly wasn’t making it up.  So I guess she did.

And here is what that little girl needs to know.

He is mine.  All mine.

In fact, I might send him to school in a “My heart belongs to Mommy” t-shirt - except that we don’t have a t-shirt like that.  Besides, we are going to the Oil Ranch tomorrow on a field trip tomorrow and he has to wear his school t-shirt.  Otherwise I might go buy or make one.  And I’m not a crafty type, but this is important.

Please note, I’m going on this field trip.  I’ll be looking for this girl.  And I may have to tell her that he is mine.