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Until we meet again ...

One of my favorite memories of high school is going on our church’s high school mission trip, or Mission Tour, as it was called.  One year in particular we went to upstate New York.  We helped build the church, we sang the musical called “The Witness” and had a really good time being together.

It’s funny the things you remember from those trips.  I remember Jerry Greg Johnson playing Jesus and Holly Tompkins Singleton playing Mary (or was that Carol?  I can’t remember!).  I do remember having to dress up in our costumes and pass our flyers at a stoplight in the town.  One man drove up … saw us in costumes… and my friend Sharon read his lips as he said … “lock your doors!”  We still laugh about that.  I’m sure we were a pretty unusual sight.  I remember Neil Hardwick burst his eardrum swimming in a pool.  I remember Kathryn Krodell getting some sad news from Little Rock as we were on our way home.

A few times during the trip we would break up into small groups and stay in various “host homes” from the church we were visiting that night.  We were instructed to sing this song … an Irish blessing … to the family when we left as a type of “thank you” for their hospitality.  I loved the way we sounded when we sang that song together acapella.  It might have been because I was mouthing the words that we sounded so good (I’m planning on being able to carry a tune in heaven).

But I did love it and I’ve sung it to my babies throughout the years.  I sang it last night to two of my daughters as I was putting them to bed and one of them (the know it all one) said “MOM, no one knows that song.  No one has ever even heard of it.”

And I thought to myself … now that’s a crying shame.  It’s far too pretty a song not to know it.  I love it so much.  I searched all through youtube until I found a choir that sang our particular version … and it just so happens it was a church youth choir reunion video.  (I had to search through so many of another particular version that I’m starting to think this group stole our version from us.  Or borrowed it maybe … seeing how they are a church and all).

Anyway … Little Rock’s First Baptist Mission Trip to New York …. this is for you.

Until we meet again …. may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

P.S.  Please feel free to leave your favorite memory of this trip in the comments section!