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Darla Stories - New York City

Two quick things I didn’t want to forget because I thought they were SO very funny.

The first was that when we landed in New York I called my voice mail and there was a message from my frustrated sister.  It said … “I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for your phone.  Where is it?!?  The phone keeps ringing and ringing and we can’t find it anywhere.”  (The ringing and ringing was really true because there was a mayoral election while we were gone and they literally called all day long trying to get the vote out.)

I called her cell phone back and joked and said … “I probably packed it in my suitcase.”

Which just so happens to be exactly what I did!

When I got to the hotel I found  OUR ONLY HOUSE PHONE in my suitcase.

It was packed in the compartment with my hair brushes and I’ve tried to get my sister to realize that a brush handle and a phone are kind of like the same size, shape, etc. but she isn’t buying it.  She cannot understand how a person can pack THEIR ONLY phone in their suitcase.

She lived with me all those years … I can’t believe she was surprised.

And secondly … well, it was my hat.

Deah went through our pictures when we got back.  She quickly pointed out that IN EVERY PICTURE my, oh so cute hat, is on incorrectly.

Apparently the “embellishements” are supposed to be off to the side, like this …

But yet I, in EVERY picture,  had my embellishment right smack dab in the center of my forehead.  Like a cyclops or something.

The worst part was, when Deah started making fun of my cyclops look, Caroline said … “yeah … I kept wondering why you didn’t move the flowers over to the side.”  And yet she never said a thing.  Teenagers.

I can’t tell you how much we’ve laughed about it.